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Cooperation Between HR And CSR In Qatar Shell Essay

Cooperation Between HR And CSR In Qatar Shell - Essay Example The paper "Cooperation Between HR And CSR In Qatar Shell" examines the actual relationship that exists between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and human resource management of Qatar Shell. Shell is a global energy company that is amongst the top five petrochemical companies around the world. Shell has over 100,000 employees who are located in over 90 countries around the world. Shell prides itself on her ability to meet the world's growing energy demands in environmentally and socially responsible ways. Shell is currently undertaking a joint project with Qatargas and Qatar Petroleum. This has led to the largest project ever launched in the petroleum sector in Qatar, which is one of the world's largest oil producing countries. However, Shell has a lot of issues with its reputation in different parts of the world. Shell has reputational issues in nations like Nigeria where it has been fingered for being irresponsible environmentally and condoning with corrupt Nigerian governments. This spate of scandals has linked Shell with the various environmental hazards that have hit the petroleum-rich areas of Nigeria. Also, with the fact that Shell has been implicated for supporting some of Nigeria's military governments who were indicted for various human rights abuses places the company's reputation in perpetual doubts. Shell is presenting itself as a socially and environmentally responsible organization. However, some incidents in its past seem to have dented the public image of the company.

Interview II Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Interview II - Essay Example As the partner portfolio grows the task becomes more demanding. During the last 16 years this job has turned my hair grey. A. I have developed a team of 20 people that assists me and their efficiency sustains my position in the company. I pride myself in building an effective team and have confidence in their abilities. I encourage and support them in their endeavours and they too respect me as their leader. I work late hours as well as on weekends and when needed they put in extra time as well. We complement each other in every way. This attitude is the reason of my success. A. I look up to my best friend and boss Dr. Yang who is both a friend and mentor. We have been together for 20 years now. He trusts my decisions and appreciates my sense of humour. He has contributed the most to make me a competent Leader that I am today and I respect him for this. A. My ethical challenge is to be a role model for my young son. I wish I could spend more time with him and my family. I do appreciate and place high value on their understanding and unflinching support for me and my work. He is a very frank person and outspoken in praise of his boss, co-workers and his family. He believes in hard work and in total commitment to his job. However his job does not leave him enough time for his family. Collaboration and mutual respect are the building blocks of eminent leadership. A successful leader is one who respects opinions, creates a collaborative environment, builds teams, appreciates and encourages subordinates and takes inspirations from friends and superiors. The Leader has to work hard to set an example for the followers and to build bridges and confidence between team members irrespective of their positions. This paves the way for a collaborative environment that fosters easy and open communications. For any organization communications, both within and beyond are necessary for smooth functioning and for realization of the corporate vision and

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A rite of passage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

A rite of passage - Essay Example The Tibetans have Lamaism as their religion, which is an integration of the native Tibetan religion (Bon) and Mahayana Buddhism (Kapstein, p38). In a general perspective, the basic rite of passage for the Tibetans is the sticking of a tiny piece of Tibetan’s staple food (zamba) on the newborn’s forehead. This is perceived as the process of purification of the newborn. Additionally, when the baby is a month old, the parents are bound to paint the tip of its (baby’s) nose with soot as a sign of prevention from ghosts, whereas the relatives and parents of the baby going to the monastery to pray for protection from the Buddha. This is the general rite of passage of newborn babies, regardless of the gender. At a later age, that is, at the age of twelve, a Tibetan girl’s hair is combed into two braids. The braids are later advanced in to three, at the age of thirteen and/or fourteen, and five braids at the age of fifteen and/or sixteen (Kapstein, p67). However, the girl’s hair is combed into dozens of braids at the age of seventeen to signify the initiation into adulthood. In the Tibetan culture, changes in hair are used to mark the several rites of passage for the girl child (Kapstein, p67). According to research, hair changing ceremonies conducted for the Tibetan girls deliberate on the social status of the girls (Kapstein, p85). The hair changing ceremony for the Tibetan girls signifies that the girls are old enough to raise and cater for families, and hence they are ready to accept marriage proposals, and are ready to get married (Kapstein, p85). As a matter of fact, the Tibetan boys tend to court the girls after the hair changing ceremony, with intentions of sleeping with them and propose marriage. Research also indicates that hair dressers were strictly married women, who were carefully selected as per their beauty, perfect eyesight, and/or intact teeth

Wgs10 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Wgs10 2 - Coursework Example With the rising technology and demand for new weapons, women have secured positions in the weapon industries and also control rooms. Despite women joining the military in respective fields, they have faced several challenges which deprive them their basic rights. For instance, the women serving the military overseas either working in clubs or massage parlors, they are at risk of being abused sexually or even being infected with STIs (Vigil 473). These risks and enormous challenges they face while serving in the military, leaves a lot of questions on whether their basic rights are being preserved or is really humanity towards their rights being observed? These challenges the women face while in the war fronts and in the military base, majority of them go unreported (Vigil 466). The case for militarized prostitution which is very rampant in the overseas scenario, may end up being unrecognized by the human rights watch. After the September 11, 2001 terror attack in the U.S, more military actions were taken a step which saw more demand of extra workforce. In the Iraq war which U.S had participated fully, saw relocation of a good number of its military to Iraq. This step by the then president, George Bush was highly condemned in the streets as even women matched ahead and demanding their sons back. This was a step to ensure peace in their country and safety for everybody (Vigil 475). Women serving in the military are exposed to very many risks which deprive them their basic rights. They always stand high chances of being misused and abused either physically or sexually. This is very wrong for them and it is not right for them to be in the military bases and war fronts. More young men should be trained to replace them and the

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gender and prestige :: essays papers

gender and prestige The purpose of this essay is to show embeddedness of prestige system into subsystems of the cultures. We will discuss four cultures which represent four different types of social organizations; !Kung San represents band organization, Mundurucu represents village type, Polynesia - Chiefdom, and Andalusia represents state type of social organization. In all of these cultures prestige system, which is the gender system, is imbedded into other subsystems. Three of these cultures: Mundurucu, Polynesia, and Andalusia, have hierarchical type of ideology, meaning in this culture males have more power then females. !Kung San culture, on the other hand, has egalitarian type of ideology, where there is no significant difference in power between males and females. We first start by defining prestige system, which consists of prestige itself. Prestige is level of respect at which one is regarded by others. Every person in prestige system has status, by which other people value your prestige. Status it determined by following factors: economical, political, personal, and historical. When we talk about the prestige system we have to say that prestige system is supported by ideology, and since cultures have different ideologies, the prestige systems vary from one culture to another. Polynesia, discussed by Sherry Ortner, consists of large numbers of islands in the Pacific Ocean, which include Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and many more. The islands in their majority have the same prestige system. The prestige systems in Polynesia is the system of hereditary ranking which is embedded in political system, kinship system, and economic system. The type of social organization in Polynesia, as we mentioned above, is chiefdom. Chiefdom is characterized by numbe r of villages, where each village has its own chief, and the whole village system has one chief, higher in rank then other chiefs. This fact is important when we discuss the embeddedness of prestige system in the political system. Every village, that is the part of the chiefdom, has a goal to get on the top of the symbolic pyramid, with main chief and fono, the governing council, on the top. Sometimes, statuses can be brought higher with the right type of marriage, however, most of the villages have endogamy type of marriages, meaning the spouse comes from inside of the village. In case of exogamy marriage, where spouse comes from outside, the groom's family will have to share part of the land with the bride's family.

A Comparison of the American Dream in Death of a Salesman and A Raisin

The Value of a Dream in Death of a Salesman and A Raisin in the Sun      Ã‚   How does one value a dream? This question arises while reading both Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman and Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun.   Although the two novels are very different, the stories and characters share many likenesses.   Death of a Salesman concerns a family’s difficulty in dealing with unrealized dreams.   A Raisin in the Sun focuses on a family's struggle to agree on a common dream.   In each of these stories, there are conflicts between the dreams that each character is struggling to attain.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In Death of a Salesman, Happy and Biff are uncertain of where they are in life, and only reach out for the simple, already-tangible things at hand. Biff: "I don't know- what I'm supposed to want", and Happy:   "I don't know what the hell I'm working for", means that they bothh feel they havn't progressed.   All they want to do is work with their hands, with their shirts off and their backs to the sun.   Neither Biff nor Happy have struggled to get to where they feel secure, otherwise they would not be admitting such things.   And both have also dismissed the truth; Biff saying "Never mind. Just don't llay it all to me" and Happy saying, "Just don't lay it all at me feet."   Happy also wants to believe that everything is alright; Happy is fine, so long as he can make himself believe that everyone around him is fine.   Towards the end of the story, when Biff accuses everyone of lying, Happy exclaims, "We always told the truth!" b ut in the beginning, he admitted to Biff, "See, Biff, everybody around me is so false that I'm constantly lowering my ideals."      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Willy Loman wants his dreams so badly that, in his ... ...o survive.   The Youngers never left the house; the house was the only place of action.   It was the pillar, even though it wasn't a great one.   They made it the pillar by their pride and faith.   Willy Loman died with somewhat of a sense of honor and dignity.   He knew he would make his family finally and truly proud, and, most importantly, he knew that Biff loved him, and he always had.   There is no such thing as a wasted life, so long as there are dreams to cloud up reality and, possibly, make them possible.      Works Consulted: Bloom, Harold. Twientieth-Century American Literature. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1986. Draper, James P. Black Literature Criticisms. Detroit: Gale Research Incorporated, 1992. Hansberry, Lorraine.   A Raisin in the Sun.   New York:   Signet, 1988. Miller, Arthur. Death of a Salesman.   New York: Viking, 1995.   

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Arrogance or Persistance?

Sparks was In the same commercial space for over 75 years. One day in February 2006, a man entered Sparks and started measuring the doors and windows. I asked him why he was measuring my bar's door and windows. He stated, â€Å"l am planning to redecorate my new bar. † He introduced himself as Eric Hamburger, stepson of my late landlord. A couple of days later, I received an eviction letter that demanded that I remove the bar equipment and furnishings from the space in 60 days. I immediately started the process of buying a commercial building o move my bar in to.I bought a commercial building in the city of Lemon Grove. I had managed to save about $50,000. 00 while I owned Sparks. This money was earmarked for funding the Small Business Administration loan and to cover the application fees for all of the required permits and licenses. I completed all of the appropriate applications, forms, and paid the fees. I was confident that I would be in business within the 60 days that I had to move. I could not have been more wrong In my inure life. The city of Lemon Grove's Mayor, Ms. Mary awesome and the LemonGrove city council had a plan for the property that I had Just purchased. They had an agreement with Tipping Point Partners, a developer in La Jolly, to develop the property Into a mixed use mega project. I did not know that 6 months prior to my attempt to buy the property at 3496 Main Street, the Supreme Court had upheld Keel vs†¦ New London. This law allows a city to use eminent domain to redistribute personally owned real estate to develop additional tax revenue. The city of Lemon Grove intentionally denied me any permit to operate a business in Lemon Grove.The repose behind their decision was to force default on the commercial property that I had purchased. I had no legal recourse. I had to suck it up and take it. $60,000. 00 was gone before it was over. Losing the bar cost 200 points on my credit score. My liquor license and business equipment have yearly and storage fees. Devastating! Attraction's hired me and my life stabilized. My thoughts were about the way that I was treated by some selfish connected people. This made me really mad. The callous way that I was treated made me want to know how the process worked and abbey throw a monkey wrench here and there.I chose to run for San Diego City Council. My campaign budget was $1,000. 00. My wife and four of my friends became my campaign staff. It took 11 days walking in the district collecting 2000 signatures necessary to run on the ballot without paying a fee. We attended every 1 OFF for all of the offices that were up for election. There was a lot to learn about San Diego politics. It appeared as if all of the candidates were either owned by a special interest, or were powerless and ineffectual. It was apparent at the first candidate's arum who was going to win the election.Todd Gloria was next in line for the office. He was on Congresswoman Davis' staff. He was the darling of the unions, LEGIT, and the tourism industries. He had 26 endorsements one year prior to the race. Man, was he connected! Money was no object in making Mr†¦ Gloria a city councilman. This fact shaped my strategy. I chose to use my candidacy as a pulpit to be completely honest and bring issues up that I thought needed to be addressed. Some of the positions that I took during the election was placing grid tie solar electric systems on every city owned building.San Diego Gas & Electric was not happy about that. That did not matter, they endorsed Todd Gloria. I received a standing ovation at Earth Day in Balboa Park for advocating the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. This reaction caused Todd Gloria to restate his position from zero tolerance to allowing medical marijuana legalization. Our major campaign issue was the San Diego Wastewater Treatment Plant in Point Loam. This wastewater treatment plant is not currently up to code in the National Pollution Disch arge Permitting Elimination System.In 2008, most people did not see the coming secession and were making money by overdeveloping every market and resource in San Diego. My campaign staff was working for ideas back then that are popular now. We did not win the election. We received 7. 8% of the vote. We felt like we made a big difference. I have used this experience to mentor and coach every person who is serious about making a change in their political leadership. Being perceived as arrogant is not a bad thing. You don't have to win an election to be a winner. Ideas are contagious. You do make a difference, sometimes a small one I grant you, but you do make a difference.