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Case analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Case analysis - Essay ExampleSince the company used to deal with more than one currency, then the exchange rate prove to be a challenge. Foreign currency rates atomic number 18 never constant they fluctuate on a daily basis due to the fundamental interaction of a variety of elements that are beyond the scope of this case analysis. Delays in ordering and payment together with exchange rate fluctuations pose a strong risk for a company like Alliance that deals with more than one currency. Although it is uncertain, it could be argued that with exchange rate could fluctuate in either direction therefrom providing some room for profitability.The other problem that Alliance faced was the fact that they have been in operation for only three years. Some of the company is administrative and supply chain processes, such as those for equipment procurement and generation of price quotations require improvement and formalization. This can be attributed to the fact that they have only been in operation for quite a short plosive consonant (Aleshaiway, 2005).The customer can participate by modifying the price quotation process in a pay for to mitigate the foreign exchange risk. This policy can be implemented through a number of various ways including, changing the acceptance period (30 days) and changing the required amount of deposits to be made. A stipulation is saying that the final charges would be based on the exchange rate at the term of project completion should be included in the original contract.To add to the above strategy, a review of the internal processes related to cash management (including accumulation from customers and payment of suppliers), price quotations, and equipment procurement. Although there are aspects of the overall process that are dependent on schedules and operations of others such us completion of projects, there are small issues within that process that could bring about risk mitigation of exchange rates.The company

Night by Elie Wiesel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Night by Elie Wiesel - Essay ExampleWhy gay beings whose inner world is divine, act like demons while dealing with fellow human beings and yet he transcends his bitter feelings and remains an optimist. The grave question of Elie Wiesel is how can the Nazis throw the babies into gas chambers and spray bullets to kill them in the most wicked options? The horrid conditions in the concentration camps baffle any sane individual. He and his let are often shifted to different camps and each time they think that it is the farthest journey and they are not sure of reaching another destination. With each shifting, the count of internees decline. They are killed like animals in a slaughterhouse. Animal slaughter has an frugal perspective. Killings human beings with whom the killers have no previous personal enmity are heinous acts. Wiesel is just a boy of fifteen when he is separated from the detain of the family, but his father is with him. He finds an inner strength to absorb the effec t of such tragic events that engulf one after another only because his father is with him during the most critical phase of his life. Finally, they are liberated by the Allied Forces. Wiesel is a writer by compulsion, not by choice. He candidly says that it is not his intention to describe the nature of brutalities and the main purpose of the book are committed to a hearty prayer that such gory incidents shall never be repeated by humanity. The commitment to world peace is possible, not through political philosophies, but the change of heart of each individual. Religious tenets as they are practiced today by the followers will not herald the changing process. Not the blind following but practice of true spiritism can bring about the desired change. Spirituality is something that transcends the mind. At that level, all differences cease conflicts are no more there.

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Marxist Interpretation of Hairstyles of the Damned Essay

Marxist Interpretation of Hair trends of the Damned - Essay ExampleGretchen is an overweight tom-boy, rude, ballsy and punk rocker who wasnt the most feminine girl in the world, sincerely, always gnarlight-emitting diode in fights and is in love with a 26-year old (Meno 4). Brian tries to make her a mix-tape which results in their separation for some time. This struggle for identification recurs in the whole newfangled as Brian tries to define himself among his peers who cause distinct traits that places them is particular classes. The Marxist literary theory attri alonees such traits to historical forces which shape the environment, character traits of the inhabitants and the language and writing style of the author. Therefore, there are forces that guide the traits and values of the teenagers in the setting which also lead to conflicts among various classes. Siegel defines the Marxist literary theory as a sociological approach in literature that considers the works in question a s a result of historical forces whose analysis could be achieved by considering the material conditions that led to its formation. The general focus is on the conflict between the repressed and dominant classes at any age, encouraging art to imitate the objective reality. Hairstyles of the Damned provides a perfect example of conflict in different classes due to what the society has upheld over time, particularly among the teenagers. The novel supports the fact that the environment plays an important role in shaping what one would uphold with high esteem and probably consider trendy and fashionable. In the novel, Brians lifestyle is shaped differently by the friends he meets and bonds with. As an outsider, it becomes hard for him to make friends and only befriends outsiders like him including Rod, Mike, Dorie and Nick who shape his path towards finding himself and the values in life. Encountering different friends, it would be noted that in every section of the novel, Brian would ha ve his favorite music from different genres in line with what the peers upheld with high construe. The environment further classified them into blacks and whites, cheerleaders and jocks, outcasts and rich kids, burnouts and punks, which shaped her assessment and what he would perceive as the desired lifestyle. Gretchen for instance had all she wanted and that is why Brian noted that she did the things I wish I could do but didnt have the guts to (Meno 15). The characters in the narration are young with and the adults therein immature. Their major interest is in sex, music, bands, clothing and less on schoolwork. Brian secured a job but co-worker issues stumbled his way. In his racial neighborhood, the parents are less caring and uninvolved in his proper upbringing. This causes teenage aimlessness and indulgence into pop culture without regard for how this causes loss of individuality. The neon colored hair was adored among the young and every other teenager would try to fit into t his cultural definition of being in a high social class. Brian seemed to adore characters like Bobby B., a kid from his neighborhood, a year older than him and a senior who always had about basketball team pairs of girls underwear from girls he had made with (Meno 10). The author glorifies some material aspects of the characters that would appeal to teens like Bobby

Memo on Earthquake Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Memo on Earthquake - Essay Example woof 1 is to motif it as an extraordinary loss interrupt from operations. And Option 2 is to report the loss in a continuing operation but treat it as a fall in part in the income statement. These two options would require proper disclosure in our footnotes of the situation. The reporting of extraordinary items (losses) has an advantage, that is, they are not included under normal operating income which will be construed by stakeholders and creditors as items that will not happen in the foreseeable future. Hence, the events effects on net income are not in any way reflects the true status of the business operation since it is not a recurring event. According to Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Accounting Standards code (ASC) 225-20-45-2 extraordinary items are events and transactions that are distinguished by their unusual and by infrequency of their occurrence. Thus, both of the following criteria should be met to classify an event o r transaction as an extraordinary item. CHHS has to decide whether the quake meets both criteria. Per FASB ASC 225-20-55-2 An event or transaction of a type that occurs frequently in the surroundings in which the entity operates cannot, by definition, be considered as extraordinary, regardless of its pecuniary effect. On the other hand per FASB ASC 225-20-55-1 stated that unusual nature is not established by the fact that an event or transaction is beyond the control of management. Statistics gathered from Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC) showed that since 1969, there were intimately 99 earthquakes that shook the Bay Area with magnitudes of 5 or greater but only 3 have so far been recorded more than than 6.7. With these statistics, it may be difficult to validate that earthquakes are infrequent and of a kind that would not be projected to happen in the foreseeable future. Should we were to report the damage as an extraordinary item it will appear under continu ing operations as the net-of-tax of $16.5 million. Per FASB ASC 225-20-50-3 states that The nature and financial effects of each event or transaction that is unusual in nature or occurs infrequently, but not both, shall be disclosed on the face of the income statement or, alternatively, in notes to the financial statements. We can use this statement as our basis to report losses under continuing operations but as separate fate jibe to Accounting Principles Board (APB) Opinion 30 paragraph 26. Under this reporting method, stakeholders and creditors are prone to analyze that there is still a risk that an earthquake will happen again, but the chance is little. Should we report the damage under this option, we would include the full $27.5 million loss as a separate component in continuing operations. Stakeholders and creditors rely on the income statement very much, their decision is dependent on the report we will submit. I am therefore recommending Option 2, that is, to report the e arthquake damages under continuing operations but as a separate income statement component. Our stores are conspicuously located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, an earthquake-prone area, thus should not be included as extraordinary items. By reporting the earthquake damages as a separate component under continuing operations, we will be following the guidelines prescribed by FASB

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Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Religion - Essay ExampleHumans have, Acharya submits, formed their own beliefs (called probability belief in mathematics and science) more or less the get along of unknowable elements of the universe. They have branded their beliefs about the unknowable as religion. (2006 2)Though religious beliefs differ from society to society as well as from wiz community to another, yet no human culture can be viewed as a society without religion. There exist countless religions in the world, scarcely main faiths among them include three Abrahamic religions (i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam), Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism, Hinduism and others. The present paper aims to focus its research on Judaism, Islam and Confucianism for the comparative study, so that their scholarly views could be drawn out in order to assess and estimate the commonalities and differences. The researcher personally interviewed one religious leader and two common men from the Jewish synagogues, Islamic mosques and Buddhist temples placed in Philadelphia, so that the true picture of the religions under study could be observed. The study has been focused on the status of racial discrimination and homosexuality in the three religious beliefs under study.i. Broad Vision The term broad vision refers to the ideas, notions and views which are free from racial, ethnic, regional, religious and status prejudice or hatred. In the present study, the term simply means the opinions of the religious people which are free of narrow sightedness.ii. Religious Faiths The term religious faiths simply refer to the sets of religious beliefs that describe the duties and obligations of the individuals towards their worshipper as well as spiritual mentor.iii. Dogmatists and Clergy Dogmatist and clergy refer to the religious people who maintain solid and determined opinion about religious, social, political and cultural phenomena prevailing around them. The clergy are usually

Origin and History of Celtic Knots Research Paper

Origin and History of Gaelic Knots - Research Paper ExampleComputer Science is interested in generating knots through special softw atomic number 18. worship is interested in Celtic knots because of its attributeic structuring of doctrine, the illumination of scriptural texts and the inscription of sacred architecture. My thesis is that the cross, the circle and the Tree of Life are archetypal images which succeed a foundation for understanding the history and origin of Celtic Knot art forms, and the elemental meaning is a call to unity, renewal and balance. Body. There are a variety of types of Celtic knots and they are, and have long been, used in jewelry, fabricated in metal, carved from stone and bone, and gracing stone pillars, as protection symbols all over doorways, used to illuminate scriptural texts, and for magic and divination. The Trinity knot is quite famous, symbolizing water, fire, earth for nature-based spirituality or, for the Christian Church, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The spiral is a common pattern and dates back to 2500 BCE. It is thought to represent growth and the cycle of life.There are key and labyrinth designs, and zoomorphic designs, the latter involving birds and animals as part of the interwoven design.Here are images of the main two I am choosing to focus on the Celtic Cross with a circle, and the Tree of Life. ... Modern day aficionados think of the superannuated Celtic peoples as inherently spiritual, nature-connected, intuitive, in touch with alternate realms. This answers a longing in contemporary people.17 This results in a lot of speculative information active the Celts, their art, its meaning and its origin. Celtic knots first appeared in the British Isles during the 7th century, suddenly became extremely popular, and remained the primary art style through the tenth century.18 It was used in decorating sacred books, the most famous of which are The Book of Kells, The Book of Durrow, and the Lindisfarme Gospels.19 A fifth century copy of the book of Acts is considered to be the piece that links marrow Eastern and Celtic knot work.20 Some scholars believe that Celtic knots were adopted originally from Egypt.21 A primary symbol, the cross with circle, can be traced back to ancient Egypt, The Ankh is an Egyptian symbol, a cross with a circle above. It is a symbol still sacred to Egyptian Coptics.22 The cross represents intersection and opposition.23 The Circle represents eternity, continuity and infinity.24. Together, the symbol is one of regeneration.25 The circle is a rough approximation of the female reproductive organ, and the cross is a rough representation of the male reproductive organ.26 In Egyptian imagery, the Ankh is held in the hands of gods and near the lips of pharaohs, as though giving them breath.27 The cross and the circle are both archetypes. Archetypes, a core element in the psychological science of Carl Jung, are a common pattern of image structures and shared meaning which ca n be identified in dreams, myths, legends, symbols, and are channels for psychic energy.28 As archetypes, the circle and cross have deep and ancient meaning. Their

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Nurse Community Building Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Nurse Community Building - Research Paper ExampleIn this paper, I will describe the following traits of an effective nursing company cultural awareness, able and noteworthy leadership skills, sense of connection, cultural aptitude, partnership and enforce integration. In order to develop a successful nursing brass section, it is necessary to apply these principles. A great sense of cultural awareness Any organization needs to have a sense of cultural awareness. A nurse needs to demonstrate cultural attending that aids them to practice better health care and develop a stable public health policy. Awareness will help nurses in the community acknowledge that external factors like language barriers and unavailability of services and resources will often attract a negative history. By understanding a communitys culture and the barriers to service delivery, public nurses understand how to face these challenges and strive to better their cultural competence with the community (Carol ine p 65). Able Leadership Able and noteworthy leadership is a characteristic of a strong nursing community. Able leadership enables nurses take up responsibilities and enables them to guide the community effectively. They are the proponents of health equitability and the social justice in the community. ... This strength ensures that the resources within a community are involved in helping the community strive towards humanizing the eminence of the health care conditions. For this reason, there should be an aspect of community in a nursing organization. Nursing in the community ensures that the community has the capacity to resolve problems, and properly utilizes its resources to enhance proper health management and health safety. Community health actions motivate community members by their actions of self-determination, and their understanding of the local needs and cultural aspects that link individuals with the business community. The nurses, thus, play a crucial social functi on in guaranteeing that communal health is available in individuals in the community and in empowering the community to erect a burly affiliation in the society that will cater for the needs of the health care system. The health nurses primarily improve the health of the families and outfit for the needs of the public by responding to outbreaks of illness and the egression of health risks. Nurses recognize that strong partnerships determine better health and collaboration of both the public and the private sector is important in ensuring that noteworthy healthcare is provided to all. In order to improve these partnerships, the nursing community involves using systematic approaches that strengthen the bond between them and the community (Donna et al p 50). This approach significantly reduces the cost of social and personal health program and strengthens the community. The systematic approaches that the nursing community adapts are Assessing and monitoring the health care requireme nt of all members of the community who are likely to benefit from